The Carnivore Experience

The Carnivore Restaurant Experience, sample variant meats cuts from the Carnivore restaurant. Best place for dinner experience after or before the safari, dancing fun

The Carnivore restaurant is situated in the Langata suburb of Nairobi, Kenya. It opened its entryways during the 1980s and has served a large number of worldwide clients if not in millions. The Carnivore Restaurant is an extraordinary joint serving an assortment of exotic game meats. The Carnivore presents Kenya’s generally well known “Nyama Choma” (grilled meat). Their strategy is a level rate in an everything you-can-eat meat buffet.  Whole joints of meat-legs of sheep and pork, posteriors of hamburger spare ribs, wieners, chicken wings, pierced kidneys, even ostrich and crocodile and other delicious pieces are broiled in the conventional colossal, staggering charcoal pit that rules the passageway of the café. Delightful side dishes and an uncommon exhibit of sauces are served. Chosen soups and sweets are gotten through.

The Carnivore has its own customs, serves the soup of the day with their home-prepared earthy coloured bread and butter. A sizzling cast-iron plate is put before every client as a multitude of carvers moves from table to table. They cut succulent meat slices onto the hot plates. A rich determination of servings of mixed greens and vegetable side dishes, an assortment of sauces stacked on a twofold story rotating plate at the focal point of the table. The taking care of free-for-all doesn’t stop until the rout is announced by the overloaded visitors who signal that by bringing down the white paper banner roosted at the focal plate. A vegan menu is additionally advertised.

Another well-known element is the house mixed drink the “Dawa” which means Magic elixir in Swahili. It depends on a renowned Brazilian beverage. Clients are served “Dawa” welcomed on a compact plate by the Bwana Dawa “Medicine man”.

Simba Saloon is an outside show scene adjoining it. The gardens have facilitated some notable performers. Local music extravaganza dubbed “tribe nights” is very frequent, especially on weekends.

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