Nairobi Shopping Tour

Nairobi Shopping visit involves looking for a wide range of merchandise from merchants, stands, stores, little shops, retail chains, and shopping centres. The city market on Muindi Mbingu Street has a decent scope of things from trinket kiondo (brilliant woven sisal sacks), adornments, wood, and soapstone carvings to regular products like meat, fish, and natural products.

The Masai Market offers you the chance to purchase genuine African craftsmanship, hand-made beaded gems and garments as trinkets, blessings and in any event, designing material you could use for your home. At entirely moderate costs, you can buy however many items as would be prudent and simultaneously advance neighbourhood handiwork organizations.

Maasai market (which is a casual market) offers beaded gems, gourds, bushels, and other Maasai creates. More upscale crafted works, fine art, and adornments from everywhere in Africa can be found at the African Heritage Center on Kenyatta Avenue.

The suitably named Biashara (Business) Street is the centre of downtown Nairobi’s shopping area; it is comprised of perpetual little shops and bistros. In the Langata zone, The Ostrich Park has a special place with a craftsman’s workshop where bystanders can see things being made and appreciate a pleasant bistro.

The Yaya and Sarit Centers are notable shopping centres situated outside of the downtown area. Uchumi general stores, situated all through Nairobi, oblige shopping for food needs, as do slows down that sell new vegetables, organic products, and meat.

Maasai Markets in Nairobi

Maasai Markets in Nairobi were begun by Maasai ladies who needed to sell straightforwardly to guests. Maasai Markets have bloomed throughout the long term.

For a superb determination of expressions and artworks, wooden carvings and dot work, you can’t turn out badly at the Nairobi Maasai Markets. There used to be an open market along slip street, Nairobi. Because of the development of the streets, the market was migrated and are held around the city in various settings on various days. (see beneath)

Not solely sold by the “Maasai” these lively, beautiful business sectors sell fundamentally vacationer admission going from wooden models, beaded pieces of jewellery, batik inside decorations, shoes, cleanser stone carvings, sisal sacks, kikois, materials and an entire host of other energizing merchandise. All Maasai Markets items are Kenyan and the scope of merchandise on offer is noteworthy.

The pleasant thing about purchasing things from these business sectors is that occasionally (however not generally) you are managing the real individuals who make the speciality things.

You can see women stringing globules and making gems directly before you, and in the event that you converse with the dealers, it’s not difficult to track down individuals who are selling their own models or speciality things.

Wrangling is normal and in the event that you like this, you’re in for a treat! Maasai Markets rule is, for the most part, to offer among half and 66% of the underlying cost and carry on from there….!

Maasai Market Open Days Schedule in Nairobi




No market on this day.


Prestige Plaza along Ngong Road and Kijabe Street Park next to Nairobi River


Capital Center along Mombasa road


The Junction Mall along Ngong road


The Village market along Limuru road & Lavington Mall


The High Court parking in the City Centre opposite Re-Insurance Plaza & Prestige Plaza along Ngong road


Yaya Center along Argwing Kodhek road

Utamaduni Craft Centre & Verandah Restaurant

Arts/ Crafts Shopping Centre

Bogani East Road off Langata Nairobi, Kenya(Utamaduni Crafts Center (Meaning Culture, Tradition, Folklore) is situated on Bogani East Road between Ostrich Park and Giraffe Center in Langata open from 10 am-6 pm day by day. Utamaduni Crafts Center is arranged 25 Minutes from the City Center. There are around eighteen individual Craft Shops in a single enormous house offering an abundance of Kenyan Culture)

Utamaduni Craft Center incorporates the most awesome aspect of African Art and specialities and supports experts from everywhere in Kenya. Utamaduni Craft Center has a decent choice of merchandise and the costs are fixed. Utamaduni Craft Center in Nairobi is the best spot to purchase keepsakes and every one of the things that you’ll discover at the “gift shops” on the expressways and byways can be found in one spot. Great quality, as well.

No dealing. Also, no failure. The middle offers collectables, wood carvings, bronze things, and adornments of the greatest quality. Utamaduni signifies “social legacy” and is a changed over house containing (around 18) expressions and artworks shops including:

* Kisii Soapstone

* African Fabrics

* Men’s Boutique

* Beaded Glassware

* An African coffee table book shop

* Antique African silver & gold jewellery

* Maasai design shop offering Maasai Items
* Crafts made by ex-Nairobi street children

* A variety of beautiful Kenyan Kiondos (Baskets)

Utamaduni Craft Centre

Utamaduni Craft Centre has a youngsters’ shop which stocks phenomenal toys and furthermore a safari shop that can totally out the explorer for the hedge or seaside search for the seashore with a huge exhibit of Khangas and Kikoys.

There is additionally a furniture store that shows Lamu furniture and a texture shop stocks attire and frill produced using West African textures.

Utamaduni Craft Centre has a little shop where you can buy postcards and African music. A level of the benefits goes to Kenya Wildlife Services as the middle was made by Dr Leakey, previous Director of the Kenya Wildlife Services.

There is a little bistro where visitors can appreciate dinners while they shop. Open (9.30am – 6.00pm).

Utamaduni “Veranda” Restaurant

The Utamaduni “veranda” Restaurant is arranged inside the Utamaduni Craft Center. The Verandah is a casual, casual daytime eatery arranged in Nairobi Kenya.

A short drive from the feverish downtown area carries you to Nairobi’s nation rural areas, home of the Giraffe Center, Karen Blixen Museum, the Giraffe Manor, and obviously, The Verandah. The Restaurant obliges travellers and inhabitants the same, similarly famous with both and has inside seating, total with a chimney for those nippy Kenyan months.

The café additionally has open perspectives to the nursery where tables are set under a massive fever tree among rich foliage and obscure umbrellas.

The Menu

Appreciate a tranquil nation breakfast, a business early lunch, a comfortable lunch with companions or a heart to heart for evening tea. The menu includes breakfast, soups ~ Nairobi’s best Zanzibar soup ~ plates of mixed greens, sandwiches, steaks and new coastal fish determinations ~ Lemon Lime Cheesecake, all readied new every day in a generous home-cooked manner, presented with normal Kenyan neighbourliness.

Utamaduni “veranda” Restaurant garden is host and home to various types of birds which run to taking care of plate and water dishes for your noon amusement.

Indoor “palms’ are the settling spot of a few ages of Rufous Sparrows. Seasonally you’ll see fire finch, pin followed whydah, different weavers, timberland oriole, robin talk, indigo birds, sunbirds and a slippery pair of heaven flycatchers

Kazuri Beads Factory and Pottery Center

(Kazuri Bead Factory is located on Mbagathi Ridge, Karen – a stones-toss away from Karen Blixen Museum in Karen. Kazuri Beads is 25 minutes drive from the City Center of Nairobi and the practice on Hand Made Ceramic Beads, Pottery and Genuine Leather Bags)

Kazuri Beads Factory; Kazuri Beads and stoneware Center produce brilliantly hued, high-quality clay gems which are sold everywhere in the world. Kazuri Beads bolsters in a real sense many burdened Kenyan ladies, by giving work and medical care administrations to them and their families.

Kazuri Beads is a mainstream place for some visitors who have only a couple of hours to spend seeing the sights of Nairobi. The fundamental display area and workshop is found near numerous attractions and vacationer scenes in the verdant rural areas of Karen.

The workshop is only a stones-discard from the Karen Blixen Museum (named after Karen Blixen of the honour winning film and book ‘Out of Africa’)

Kazuri signifies “little and excellent” in Swahili and this portrays every single wonderfully high-quality earthenware dab which is moulded by hand by the ones who work at the Kazuri workshop. The globules are oven terminated once, coated and afterwards terminated again prior to being hung.

A proficient guide will show you around where you will see the entire cycle from the embellishment of crude dirt through to the coating, enlivening and stringing of globules as completed items. The salesroom is alluringly spread out and a wonderful spot to visit.

The History of Kazuri Beads:

The organization was initially established by the late Lady Susan Wood in 1975, who made work for battling single parents in the region. Kazuri is as yet situated in its unique setting in Karen, and the workshop there now has more than 340 neighbourhood ladies who are utilized, a large portion of them actually being single parents.

Care and government assistance of Kazuri representatives:

It’s acceptable to realize that each piece of adornments sold from the Kazuri Beads store is somehow or another aiding individuals who truly need it. The Kazuri workshop in Karen is outfitted with a centre, which gives free clinical consideration to the representatives.

80% of the doctor’s visit expenses outside the Factory Clinic are additionally consumed by Kazuri. In their statement of purpose, Kazuri says that “the best commitment we can make is to make work, particularly for the burdened and this remaining parts our controlling way of thinking. The outcome is reflected in the strength of the Kazuri Family and the magnificence of our items.”

Kazuri Beads Outlets:

Kazuri has outlets at different spots around Nairobi and an overall dispersion organization. They are a reasonable exchange organization and you can purchase their gems on the web.

Notwithstanding the principal deals room and workshop in Karen, retail locations selling Kazuri dots in Nairobi are found in the Westgate Shopping Center, Viking House (by Westlands indirect), The Junction Shopping Center and Capital Center.

At the coast, Kazuri has an outlet at the Diani Shopping Center on the South Coast of Mombasa. They additionally have an outlet at Bombululu Workshops on the North Coast of Mombasa. The benefits from this outlet uphold their main goal of helping the actually handicapped of our general public.

Kazuri additionally upholds the Kawangware road youngsters project by buying paper shopping sacks produced using reused paper.

Kazuri Beads Opening Hours:

Kazuri Beads Shop opening hours are as follows:

Sundays 0900 Hours to 1600 Hours

Mondays to Saturdays from 08:30 Hours am to 18:00 Hours

* Karen Workshop which closes Monday to Saturday at 6.00 pm and Sundays at 5.00 pm

Spinner’s WebShop Nairobi, Kenya

(Spinner’s Web Store is situated on Getathuru {Kitsuru} Gardens, off Peponi Road, Spring Valley, Nairobi. Spinner’s WebShop is found on Peponi Road which is somewhere between Westlands and the Village Market in Nairobi Kenya. The store is found 10 minutes drive from the City Center of Nairobi in Westlands region)

Spinner’s and Weavers Web Shop was initially made to give a showplace to Kenya’s numerous spinners and weavers. The shop has developed to incorporate “the most amazing aspect of Kenya” at each degree of carefully assembled items.

Since more than 200 gatherings give their items to deal at Spinner’s Web, the Shop is an absolute necessity experience for inhabitants and travellers alike. Spinner’s WebShop in Nairobi is probably the best spot to purchase top-notch expressions and specialities from more than 200 merchants — at extraordinary costs.

Spinner’s WebShop is an all in one resource for everything without exception to do with the accompanying: Art, Furnishings, Clothing, Jewelry, Home Decor, Wall Hangings, Pottery… and a whole lot more!

Spinner’s WebShop is the select outlet of Kenya Weaverbird Ltd., which makes lovely hand-woven, exceptionally coloured unadulterated fleece or cotton texture for draperies, upholstery, comforters, rugs, pads, inside decorations and apparel.

Spinner’s WebShop comprises an immense and exceptionally amazing cluster of Kenyan Arts and Crafts makers including Mat Bronze, Kenya Weaverbird, Niro Collection, UniquEco Designs and so on

The Spinners Webshop sells a wide range of privately made expressions and artworks; from lovely carpets, wooden desires, hand-tossed ceramics, create type gems, sewn things, woven things and pretty much whatever else an insightful vacationer/exile should purchase.

The shop is found on Peponi Road which is somewhere between Westlands and the Village Market. Spinners Webshop area is not difficult to track down and makes a serene retreat from the Shopping Malls and Craft Markets.

It’s certainly someplace worth visiting on the off chance that you need privately made painstaking work yet can’t confront wrangling and managing clogged, occupied art markets… (Every one of the costs are fixed cost”

Robert Glen Gallery Nairobi Langata, Kenya

(Robert Glen Gallery is situated on number 14 Mutamaiyu Road Langata, Nairobi – Kenya. The Gallery is a 25minutes drive from Nairobi’s City Center. This display in Langata shows Robert’s most recent works in Bronze models of natural life, birds and individuals. Widely acclaimed stone carver, Robert Glen lives in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania where he shapes the natural life, birds and individuals living around him. Robert Glen Gallery is open each day by arrangement)

Robert Glen Gallery offers a limited release of bronze models of Animals, birds, People and Human Culture in Bronze and so forth which are one of a kind to help visitors to remember their African occasion Safari.

The Art Gallery is open 7 days every week ideally by arrangement. African Spice Safaris gives visits and transport to the Gallery for visitors to buy bronze figures.

Marula Studios Shop Karen Nairobi, Kenya

(Marula Studios Shop is situated on Marula Lane, off Karen Road, close to Karen Country Club, Karen in Nairobi, Kenya. An incredible little shop brimming with toys and garments for youngsters, numerous items made with reused merchandise, Unique Designs, Safari dots, Kooroo, Hide and Sheep, M.I.A, Saskia’s fine art and considerably more… Marula additionally offers occasion exercises for youngsters and a kids’ play territory. Open Monday – Saturday, 8.30 am to 5:00 pm)

Marula Studios Shop Karen Nairobi is situated in the Nairobi suburb of Karen and consolidates a flip failure reusing project with a store, bistro and kids’ projects.

The store shows house products, gems and items from the reusing workshop just as styles and ceramics from neighbourhood craftsman networks. At the ends of the week, youngsters’ exercises and fairs transform the compound into an enthusiastic family assembling place.

Marula Studios is arranged near the previous home of the late Sir Jock Delves Broughton and Diana Delamere (of “White Mischief” reputation) in the noteworthy and peaceful Nairobi suburb of Karen. Selling a wide scope of essentially Kenyan-planned and-created things, Marula Studios puts a solid accentuation on natural, moral and eco-accommodating items,

Marula Studios likewise has an on-location organization; Unique Eco-Designs, which makes stunning manifestations from the reused flip lemon. Take a guided visit through the UniquEco workshop, at that point have a walk around the serene gardens and investigate the shop.

You can track down the ideal present for yourself or a friend or family member from the broad assortment of planner products on offer; brands incorporate Bakuli Blue (ceramics and home product); Bella Matata, Mikono Knits and Lalesso (astounding and remarkable African-affected garments); Annabelle Thom and Linda Camm (exquisite beaded calfskin product including belts, packs, shoes, shoes and pads).

Others incorporate Masai Treads (flip lemon. also, shoes dependent on the notorious Masai “10,000-milers”); Project Kite (sacks, wallets and flip lemon. produced from reused kite surf overhangs); Sandstorm Kenya (exemplary material and cowhide safari gear and packs); Niro Collection (brilliant-cut soapstone endowments) and the supreme Havaiana flip failures for the seashore.

Marula Studios additionally stock a wide scope of hand-made hello cards and craftsmanship created by nearby specialists and ladies’ gatherings from the Kibera ghettos. On the upper floor, you will track down Karen’s closely held excellence mysterious: Bliss Beauty Salon. Euphoria offers to loosen up hot stone medicines, kneads, pedicures, nail trims and waxing, all in the possession of its very capable and experienced advisors.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm, Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. The workshop is closed on Sundays but the shop is open.

Collectors Den Store — Objects of Fine African Art

The Store specializes in Crystal & Engraved Glass products and Exclusive African handicrafts made from wood which includes Carved Animals, Salad Set Items, Ebony Crafts, Beaded Items, Soapstone. Collection and items made from Bone. Each item is designed and is made by hand by the indigenous people of Kenya. Tanzanite, Tsavorite gemstones are also available.  

Jigsaw Designs (Lower ground Floor, Sarit Centre, Westlands)

This has a range of innovative wrought-ironwork for contemporary homes — ranging from four-poster beds to zebra-screen fire guards and stylish furniture incorporating seagrass, bone, wood, glass and ceramics.

Collectors Den Store — Objects of Fine African Art

The Store spends significant time on Crystal and Engraved Glass items and Exclusive African painstaking work produced using wood which incorporates Carved Animals, Salad Set Items, Ebony Crafts, Beaded Items, Soapstone. Assortment and things produced using Bone. Everything is planned and is made by hand by native individuals of Kenya. Tanzanite, Tsavorite jewel stones are likewise accessible.

Banana Box ( Located at Sarit Center)

The shop has sourced an assortment of value makes, regularly from little self-improvement gatherings, with fascinating plans — ideal for presents as they’re perfectly bundled.

Gemini Desai Nairobi. Gem dealer Gemini Desai plans neckbands and different fortunes with old exchange dabs, both valuable and fun, from around the globe. Gemini’s Jewelry, a choice determination of remarkable, hand-made gems created from intriguing globules by Gemini Desai

Exhibition Watatu (City Center, Lonhro House, Standard Street)

From numerous points of view, this is the direct opposite of Paa ya Paa, in spite of the fact that it also works in contemporary African craftsmanship. It’s a proper display with a well—lit presentation space and is a customary grandstand for workmanship in various media — mould, compositions, screenprints and etchings — with month to month shows.

Twendelee Handicrafts Shop (Lavington Church, Muthangari Road)

This shop underpins the Twendelee Women’s Self-help Project. Twendelee signifies ‘let us create’ in Swahili, and the ladies have zeroed in on sewing, despite the fact that they likewise weave, stitch, sew and do beadwork. They have choice jumpers and beautiful mats in fascinating plans available to be purchased.

The Village Market Nairobi. The Village Market is East Africa’s chief Shopping and Recreation complex, including more than 150 retail outlets, an elite outdoors food court, a Masai-themed create the market in addition to fun and diversion spots for the entire family. The Village Market is situated in the Gigiri local location which is around 6 miles from Nairobi downtown area on Limuru Road. The complex is intended to look like an outside African market, including cascades, streams, plants and gardens.

Kiko Romeo (Westlands)

The main Kenyan style house with very much made, privately planned, modem garments in customary textures.

Nakumatt Supermarkets (Any Branch in Nairobi)

The chief general store chain in Nairobi and Kenya all in all, Nakumatt constantly has an enormous determination of Kenyan and Western food varieties and different items. The fresh out of the box new Lifestyle store spreads more than a few stories, with divisions loading a wide range of helpful family and outside merchandise.

Zanzibar Curio Shop (York House, Ground Floor, Moi Avenue)

Set up in 1936 batiks, Jewelry, Safari Wear, Sisal Baskets, Ebony, Wood, Soapstone Carvings, Brass and Copper-product, African semi-valuable stones.

Nairobi City Market (Muindi Mbingu Street)

Bartering is a game the slows down dissipated all through the City Market. This rambling complex, which was initially aeroplane storage, offers doodahs and different gifts just as food sellers.

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