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5-Day Mount Kenya Sirimon – Chogoria Crossover

The 5-day Mt Kenya Sirimon-Chogoria Crossover Trek:  Mt Kenya Sirimon-Chogoria Crossover is a classic trek combining two of the most splendid routes. The Sirimon route is a gentle ascent trail, while the Chogoria route is the most scenic and has an acclimatisation day to boost the summit-reach success rate.

Mount Kenya has been thought of and held in reverence by the local communities as God`s residence. The snow on the peaks astonished the explorers, who could not figure out its existence right at the equator. The roads were initially dug for military purposes to help access the forest and flush out Maumau freedom fighters. The mountain has not escaped the attention of notable filmmakers who have shot award-winning films and documentaries. {Nowhere in Africa, The Night Climbers of Cambridge, and No Picnic on Mt. Kenya are just but a few.}

Book writers have also written some best-selling titles, such as “The Ascent” Mt. Kenya was recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and later as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mt. Kenya is regarded as the most visually stunning of the ice-capped African peaks and is home to a great diversity of wildlife, including leopards, elephants, and buffalo. The ascent is an exhilarating and diverse trek, with relatively few hikers compared to Kilimanjaro. Many would argue that Mount Kenya, despite not being as high as Kilimanjaro, is certainly the more enjoyable, interesting, and dramatic of the two mountains.

Sirimon route

It is considered by many to represent Mt. Kenya as one of the easiest routes to reach Point Lenana. The route is on the dry side of the mountain and affords walks through old-growth forests on the lower slopes and giant heather, alpine flowers, and lobelia at higher elevations.

Chogoria route

It is on the east side of the mountain and is the most scenic and rewarding for hikers interested in seeing beautiful panoramic landscapes and the fascinating flora on Mt. Kenya. Being on the windward side, the forest is thick and healthy, often with undergrowth and umbrella canopies.

Day 1: Nairobi – Nanyuki – Old Moses Camp (Judimaier)

Pick-up from your hotel or residence is at 7:00 a.m. The drive to Nanyuki will take four and a half {4 ½} hours. Here we meet the crew for the hike. We also replenish our supplies before driving to Sirimon Park Gate at an altitude of 2,650m a.s.l. A picnic lunch is served while payments and formalities are finalised. We hike for nine {9km} to Old Moses camp (3,300m) for dinner and overnight. Accommodation is provided in either mountain tents or bunkhouses in the form of dormitories.

Day 2: Old Moses Camp – Shipton’s camp via Mackinder’s Valley

After an early breakfast, hike to Shipton`s camp through Mackinder`s valley. Lunch is served en route or in a picnic-packed lunch box. Elevation attained one thousand {900m} to 4,200m a.s.l. Dinner and overnight accommodations are provided in either mountain tents or bunkhouses in the form of dormitories.

Day 3: Shipton’s Camp: Hausberg Col – Acclimatisation

It is an acclimatisation day in preparation for the summit ascent. We explore the adjacent cols and ridges surrounding the camp. The routine is to climb high and sleep low.

Day 4: Shipton’s camp – Point Lenana – Mount Kenya Bandas

After a light pre-breakfast at 02:00hrs, ascend to our main trekker`s Point Lenana for sunrise at 06:30hrs. A short celebration and photo session mark the climax of the hike. Descend to Halls Tarn {Mintos Hut}, having a glimpse at the Temple. A hot brunch will be served at this camp. Proceed to the trail, enjoying a panoramic view of the roadhead at an altitude of 3,300m a.s.l. The day’s final stretch is to the Bandas, where a hot shower awaits you. Dine and stay overnight at the camp.

Day 5: Mount Kenya Bandas – Nairobi

After breakfast, board the transfer vehicle from the doorstep of your cabin. Drive to Chogoria town, where we bid farewell to the mountain crew. Proceed to Nairobi and expect to arrive by 17:00 hrs, having completed the 5-Day Mount Kenya Sirimon – Chogoria Crossover 

What to bring:

Mountains have their own climate on account of their height. Rain clouds can appear without warning and be gone hours later. An early morning frost is possible at any time of the year, and guests should bring a fleece and light rain jacket, although, during the heat of the day, shorts and T-shirts should suffice.

Sleeping bag: one rated for four (4) seasons is fine. The bag should be a snug fit since if it is too large, there will be more cool air for the body to warm

      • Rain Trouser
      • Rain Jacket [Poncho]
      • Balaclava [Hat Woollen]
      • Warm Clothes down jacket
      • Thermal underwear
      • Fleece Jacket
      • Hiking Boots
      • Gloves
      • Walking Sticks
      • Head Torch
      • Sunglasses
      • First Aid box
      • Ruck Suck 65L (duffel bags are unacceptable) to be carried by porters
      • Day Pack 35 [For your personal effects]
      1. Optional comfort accessories:

Walking poles, hot water bottle, Bivy bag

Wet wipes; ideal for those who want to stay fresh but are unable to bear dips in the freezing mountain weather

4: Passport/Identification Card {ID}

5: Personal travel/ medical insurance

Options are, of course, many and varied, and in many cases, we can be flexible about the itinerary for accommodation facilities and the extension of the safari destinations.

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