Safaris – Our wildlife tours and holidays in Kenya are popular individual tours on Safari in Kenya, including tours of national parks, game reserves, sanctuaries, culture and many more.

“Safari” is a Swahili word meaning travel, expedition, voyage, journey or tour. It comprises travelling overland to observe and photograph wildlife in their natural habitat, sight-seeing, exploration, or even hiking.

We offer variant safari options to cater to each and every one.

(a) Adventure Safaris: 

Experience the real African jungle; raw, rugged and wild! Engage in white water rafting, rock and mountain climbing, camel, horse or bicycle riding among others.

(b) Big Game Safaris: 

Spoil yourself with the choice of the game-rich savannas of Africa and watch the wild animals in their thousands in our 54 National Parks and Game Reserves. We also host you in many private sanctuaries and game ranches.

(c)  Honeymoon and Anniversary Safaris: 

We ensure your union is special and most memorable. Say “I do” the African way amidst cultural dancing under a clear starlit night.

(d) Cultural Safaris:  

Focus on the rich cultural heritage of the people of East Africa. Kenya has a diverse and vibrant culture made up of many ethnic groups with numerous dialects and languages. Interestingly, each ethnic group adopts a different value system and cultural beliefs including the musical instruments used for their cultural songs and dances.

(e) Beach Holidays:  

We offer you a relaxing holiday on sandy and pristine white palm-fringed beaches with a truly tropical flavour.

(f) Conferences and Corporate Packages: 

Our conference and seminar packages take you to unique locations across the country, allowing you to mix business with pleasure.

(g) Mission Tours: 

We plan and organise for all missionary requirements such as transport and accommodation.

(h) Cross Border Safaris: 

We take you to the gorillas of Rwanda, along the River Nile in Uganda and mountain climbing on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the Danakil depression and rock-hewn churches of Ethiopia.  “Go Places” with us beyond our borders.

(i)  Special Interest Safaris: 

Our special interest safaris include areas such as Investments, Ecotourism, Agri-tourism, Bird Watching and Archeological Studies among others.

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