Paradise Lost (Kiambu)

Paradise Lost Kenya is a huge parkland offering old caverns, a cascade, drifting lake. There is an ostrich ranch just as Pony and Camel ride. The caverns at Paradise Lost Kiambu Road were utilized as concealing spots for Mau Mau political dissidents as a safehouse from the frontier aces.

Paradise Lost Kenya is one of the not many places near Nairobi that offers a bunch of attractions and exercises for the entire family. It is a lovely desert garden in an espresso ranch near Kiambu Town, about 10km from Nairobi. At the point when you arrive, you really want to stand amazed at the difference between this secret diamond and the encompassing scene.

Paradise Lost Kenya Activities

Maybe the most famous fascination at Paradise Lost Kiambu Road is a maze of caverns. They are disintegrated by the waters of the close by Gichi River. Their entrance was screened by a dynamite cascade. These caverns are assessed to be 2.5 million years of age, in view of obsidian rock antiquities from the late stone age that were found inside. Counterfeit lighting has been introduced a couple of meters into the caverns up to an enormous cave inside.

Boat riding and fishing on the little lake at Paradise Lost are likewise mainstream exercises. Weekends here are mostly visited by city dwellers.

Other accessible exercises incorporate taking care of ostriches, horse riding, camel riding, bird watching. Relaxation cookout on the leisure picnic grounds around the lake, outdoors, or going for a stroll on the nature trail.

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