Cedar Retreat in the Northern Aberdares.

Cedar Retreat is located in the Northern Territory of the Aberdare National Park. It is the only lodge in this part of the park. It has a log cabin style and camouflaged roofing that blends well with the lush pristine cedar forest that hosts it. The spacious architectural design tops up the luxury of the undisturbed natural habitat. It is a hidden gem for adventure lovers, naturalists and silent holiday seekers.

With the gravelling of the roads in the park, the place is letting out the secrets it has held from the general public. The minimal crowd knew or explored here because there were no roads or places to stay.     

There is so much to explore within the Aberdares. The Northern part especially is fairly untouched and has an incredible host of life.

At 3,000m in the cold air enjoy the thick tussock grasses – red hot pokers and wild gladiolus in soft shades of orange; everlasting flowers in pink blooms, carpets of yellow sunbursts and everlasting helichrysums, geraniums and giant groundsels, Blue-green Delphiniums and delicate lilacs. The iconic Twin Peaks overlooked by the Dragon’s Teeth break through the flat moorland. They are from a volcanic past for the Aberdares forming the eastern wall of the Great Rift Valley. The granite peaks are a haven for serious hikers.

Day 1: Nairobi – Cedar Retreat, Aberdares national park.

Assemble at the agreed point in Nairobi at 7:30 am for departure at 8:00 am. We drive through Nyeri having a brief stopover at Mweiga park headquarters for entry payments. Drive to the Rhino gate, where we do an en-route game drive through the scenic route.

Day 2: Full day of activities of your choice.

Indulge yourself into nature’s best-kept environment by choosing amazing outdoor exercise or laze around the lodge with a book, a movie or a favourite musical album.

List of activities within {additional charges may apply}

  1. Guided Nature Walks – Unwind amongst sounds of nature as you get in your daily exercise and learn about birds, trees, shrubs and the history of Kenya’s lungs, the Aberdares.
  2. Bird Watching – Book in a guided bird tour with our bird experts and jet off into the forest and environs – the Hartlaub’s Turaco is quite a treat to spot!
  3. Game drives in the Aberdare Forest – This part of the Aberdares is the least explored and is a myriad of birds, trees and wildlife – an experience very few other parts of Kenya will offer!
  4. Day treks: Twin Peaks & Dragon’s Teeth – This Northern moorland of the Aberdares offers some of the finest trekking which few hikers ever come to explore in its isolated wilderness.
  5. Game watching from the Cedar Tree Deck – Therapeutic and right at our doorstep, our game viewing tree deck is our favourite part of the lodge. Elephants frequent the water hole too 🙂
  6. Guided treks to Mount LeSatima, the highest apex in the Aberdares and 3rd highest in Kenya (4,000m) – For some, it’s about the climb, the others about the view from the top. Whatever your reason, this is definitely a beautiful peak to be on.
  7. Yoga Retreats – The Lounge or the Tree Deck make the perfect spot for a yoga and relaxation retreat, all amidst the sounds and scents of pure nature.
  8. Team Building Getaways – Seminar room available for indoor use, or if you’d like, we can do a setup on the lounge deck.
  9. Rock Climbing – Guided rock climbing on the Twin Peaks
  10. Biking – At the moment you will need to bring your own bikes. Please ensure to check with the lodge on the availability of guides.
  11. Horse Riding – Thrilling experience riding through some fairly untouched areas of this beautiful forest
  12. Children’s Activities – an obstacle course and treasure hunt for children.

Day 3: Cedar Retreat back Nairobi.

After late breakfast, leave the lodge through Shamata gate to Nyahururu with a brief stop at the Thompson falls. The route will encompass Gilgil, Naivasha to end in Nairobi after doing a full circuit. This will mark the end of a well-spent break in a deserving environment.


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