Campers & Camping

Campers & Camping.

Camping is the oldest mode of exploration. Campers are not limited to the normal traditional circuits. The whole horizon belongs to them. They’ve rebelled against being confined only to the known. They move out of comfort zones and dare the unknown. In the established areas, the tourists relocate their luxurious life to the new destination. The camper, on the other hand, leaves behind the luxury at home to use the basics. A campers mind is fully-set to counter the challenges positively. Their bottom line is to get to the expected destination, appreciate fully what nature has to offer away from our over-polluted environment.

Packing a backpack is always the starting point. The basics are sorted by checking on the weight and volume. The next couple of days would be spent in basic-style. Without power-line, there will be no air conditioner or electric kettle. Comfortable walls of bricks or timber are substituted with cloth walls in a single or double layer. The absence of hot rain-shower will not be a deterrent to keeping oneself clean and refreshed. The meals will not be prepared over the oven or heated by the microwave.

Break the luxury of being confined to well-manicured gardens or in a luxury vehicle. The freedom to hike through narrow footpaths is more fulfiling. You can pitch your tent at any point; reach the deepest core of a destination. You don’t have to sacrifice a fortune to travel. Starting with the neighbourhoods, there are always excellent places to be explored. An air travel ticket can be substituted with bus rides and hitch-hiking. Most of the fancy hotels have a camping ground in the backyard.

Campers are among the most satisfied populace. Their attitude towards life is an open secret having the ability to choose basics while they can afford the luxury. These achievements and experiences tend to help them face live challenges positively. Their rewards are numerous such as being able to reach where no tourist ever reach. Imagine a night under the stars, storytelling or traditional jig around a campfire, listening to birds’ melodies, the fresh aroma from the bushes, feeling the breezes, witnessing the sunrise and sunset among many others. The real experiences cannot be fully narrated but experienced.

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