Matthew’s Mountain Range.

Matthew’s mountain range christened “a sky island” located in Samburu County of the northern frontier plains between the plains of Laikipia to the south and the desolate desert towards Lake Turkana. The range stretches over 150km from the south to the north axis. This is marked by the flat-topped Ololokwe in the south and Ndotto Mountains in the north. Locally, it is referred to as Oldoinyo Lenkiyo. 

Numerous river valleys, springs and several peaks with Warges being the highest at 2,688 metres above sea level located in the southern end of the range, separated by a valley from the rest of the range. Oldoinyo Lenkiyo stands at 1,809 metres, Mathew’s Peak at1,890 metres, Ilpisyon at 1,491m, Lolgek at 1,184m, Lomolok at 1,472 metres, Tipito at 1,861 metres and Ilmara Muroi at1,289 metres are located in the middle of the range. There is also a breast-shaped hill locally known as Sweet Sixteen in the range. Others include Oldoinyo Sabache at 1,963 metres, Lekat at 1,625 metres and Namanyaraboo at 1,216 metres.        

Matthews mountain range is in Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy operated by the Samburu community to protect its natural forest and the resident wildlife that includes elephants, buffaloes, rhinos among others. Aside from the local wildlife, the Matthews range due to its remote location is home to some endemic plants species in its natural forest, the magnificent rock pools that fill up with crystal clear water in the months following the rainy season.

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