Explore the Lakes of Mt. Kenya in 8 Days.

Explore the Lakes of Mt. Kenya L. Rutundu, L. Alice, L. Ellis, L. Michaelson, Gallery tarn, Thompson tarn, Enchanted lakes and the Carr lakes among others.

Are you an adventure enthusiast, fly fisher, jungle camper, bushwhacker? This is for you. 

 Away from the traditional routes and hikes, we venture to the little-explored lakes and hills.

Day 1. Nairobi – Rutundu

Having packed our Jeep with camping gear and food, we leave Nairobi at 7:00 am heading to Mt. Kenya national park Sirimon gate. Registration and payment are done at this point. We drive further to Kisima turn off. Drive into dirt road heading to Rutundu Fishing lodge also known as {Rutundu Log Cabin}. We camp at the road head next to Kazita river. Dine and overnight in tents.

Meal plan = Dinner, Breakfast

Elevation = 3,100m asl

Driving distance =290 km in 7hrs

Day 2. Fishing at Lake Rutundu.

After breakfast, we hike to the nearby Lake Rutundu taking scenic photos. The lake is 4th in size covering about 25acres. It is at this lake where UK’s Prince William spent a day and proposed to Kate Middleton back in 2010. Overnight in tents the road head.

Meal plan = Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. 

Day 3. L. Rutundu – L. Alice

After breakfast, we hike past Lake Rutundu taking scenic photos. We bushwhack and scramble through the alpine terrain to Lake Alice where we make our makeshift camp. This is the largest lake in the park covering an area of about 48 acres{The blue coloured lake was named after the Duchess of Gloucester, who visited Kenya just after the lake was discovered} Arrival tea will be served as the camp takes shape. Fly-fishing can be done in the evening at leisure.

Meal plan = Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Elevation = 3,550m asl

Hiking distance =5 km in 2hrs

Day 4. Lake Alice – Lake Ellis.

After early breakfast, we bushwhack through the Hinde valley to Lake Ellis 3,500m asl. Covering an area of about 28acres. {Named after Thomas Everlyn Scott-Ellis, who was the first European to reach the lake in 1927} We have our packed lunch en-route at Ithangune with a view of The Giant Billiard Table Mountain, arriving late afternoon. We camp by the lake with optional fly-fishing. Dine and overnight in the camp.

Meal plan = Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Elevation = 3,500m asl

Hiking distance =14 km in 7hrs

Day 5. Lake Ellis – Lake Michaelson

After breakfast, we follow the trail as it leads up through Hinde valley. The terrain is moorland grassland dotted with giant heather {Erica}, groundsels and Senecio. Eventually, we join the main Chogoria trail at the Vivienne falls viewpoint. Lunch will be served en route and upon arriving in the camp hot drinks will be ready. This is subject on how the trekkers will advise but basically, since it’s 5-6 walk hot lunch is normally ready in the camp as our crews always walk ahead of guests to make sure the tents and a hot drink is on time just before we get into the camp. Beautiful views of Vivienne Falls and the Gorges Valley on the descent to the picturesque campsite. Lake Michaelson is shielded by “The Temple” a vertical cliff 300m high. Dine and overnight in the same Camp.

Meal plan = Breakfast,  Lunch, Dinner.

Elevation = 4,200m asl

Hiking distance =14 km in 7hrs

Day 6. Lake Michaelson – Austrian hut.

After breakfast, we start a 5hrs walk to Austrian Hut. We’ll have a birds-eye view of the beautiful Halls tarn and in full view of the Piller and the Tooth Peak and the Macmillan Peaks and the Hanging tarn. The upper Simba tarn and the square tarn will be unveiled. After passing the Tooth, Gallery tarn, Thompson tarn, Enchanted lakes and the Carr lakes will be in view. Hot lunch will be served at Austrian Hut. At 4:00 pm, an optional one-hour ascent to point Lenana is 4,985m for sunset. Dine and overnight in the same camp.

Meal plan = Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Elevation = 4,700m asl 

Hiking distance =14 km in 5hrs

Day 7. Austrian hut – Point Lenana – Met station

Pre-breakfast tea at 5:00 am will pave for point Lenana summit climb for sunrise. We descend back for full breakfast and hike down to Mackinder’s camp along Teleki valley.  We will be in a position to see Teleki tarn, Curing pond and Lewis tarn. A further descent through the moorland christened “the vertical bog”, tree line and the bamboo zone to our overnight camp – Met station. Dinner will be served in the comfort of your room.

Meal plan = Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Elevation = 3,050m asl

Hiking distance =1 km in 1hr

Hiking distance = 11km in 5hrs

Day 8. Met station –Naromoru gate – Nairobi

After breakfast is served, we hike down the road through the tropical rainforest to Naromoru park headquarters.  Our transfer vehicles will be waiting to take us back to Nairobi. We sign out of the park and bid farewell to the crew. Expect to arrive in the afternoon.

Meal plan = Breakfast.

What to bring:

Sleeping bag; one rated four (4) season is fine. The bag should be a snug fit since if it is too large there will be more cool air for the body to warm

  • Rain Trouser
  • Rain Jacket [Poncho]
  • Balaclava [Hat Woollen]
  • Warm Clothes down jacket
  • Thermal underwear
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Hiking Boots
  • Gloves
  • Walking Sticks
  • Head Torch
  • Sunglasses
  • First Aid box
  • Ruck Suck 65L (duffel bags are unacceptable) to be carried by porters
  • Day Pack 35 [For your personal effects]
  1. Optional comfort accessories;

Walking poles, hot water bottle, Bivy bag

Wet wipes; ideal for those who want to stay fresh but are unable to bear dips in the freezing mountain weather

4: Passport/Identification Card {ID}

5: Personal travel/ medical insurance

Options are of course many and varied and in many cases, we can be flexible about the itinerary for accommodation facilities and the extension of the safari destinations.

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