Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing constitutes hiking, trekking, bushwhacking, bouldering, rock climbing, and glacier climbs.

Mountain climbing or mountaineering or alpinism is the sport of attaining, or attempting to attain, high points in mountainous regions, mainly for the pleasure of the climb. It is a set of outdoor activities that involves ascending tall mountains. Mountaineering related activities include traditional outdoor climbing, skiing and traversing via ferratas. 

Mountaineering differs from other outdoor sports in that nature alone provides the field of action—and just about all of the challenges—for the participant. Climbing mountains embodies the thrills produced by testing one’s courage, resourcefulness, cunning, strength, ability, and stamina to the utmost in a situation of inherent risk. Mountaineering, to a greater degree than other sports, is a group activity, with each member both supporting and supported by the group’s achievement at every stage. For most climbers, the pleasures of mountaineering lie not only in the “conquest” of a peak but also in the physical and spiritual satisfaction brought about through intense personal effort, ever-increasing proficiency, and contact with natural grandeur.

From the rooftop of Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro to the second-highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya, Ruwenzori, Elgon, Aberdares to the smaller but stunning hills and rolling ranges. We have picked several mountains programs. We know every person is unique and hence has unique preferences for summits and destinations. That’s why we encourage you to join us in building your own customized program. We have a reputation for designing tailor-made itineraries according to interest, budget and request. Choose and book your program.

Mountains have their own climate on account of their height. Rain clouds can appear without warning and be gone hours later. An early morning frost is possible at any time of the year and guests should bring a fleece and light rain jacket, although during the heat of the day shorts and T-shirts should suffice.


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