Kilimanjaro Climb – Rongai-Marangu Route.

Rongai is the only route which approaches Kilimanjaro from the northeast and offers a remote journey through unspoilt rainforest and wilderness, far from crowds of the more popular southern routes.  There is also a more ‘direct’ route taking just 5 days but we have chosen to focus on the ‘Kikelelwa’ route as it is much more scenic, and gives you a better chance of making it to the top. It is the only route where it’s possible to see wildlife in the first few days of trekking. It is also the only route to afford you such a close view of Mawenzi Peak, Kilimanjaro’s second-highest peak, and a rewarding hike across the ‘Saddle’, the expanse between the Mawenzi and Kibo (Uhuru) Peaks. The ascent to Uhuru follows the Marangu route via Kibo Hut with the descent, also using the Marangu route, offering a different perspective. Whilst not having as much varied scenery as Machame or the western routes, Rongai is one of the easier climbs and is ideal for those looking for a remote hiking experience.


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