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4-day Mt. Simien hike

The 4-Day Mt. Simien Hike is a medium hike that follows the edge of the escarpment to encounter endemic wildlife, including the gelada baboon and Ethiopian Simien fox. Discover the stunning landscapes and unique wildlife, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of this incredible region.

Day 1: Mt. Simien: Gondar – Debark – Sankaber

We pick you up from your hotel in Gondar and drive to Debark, the headquarters of Ethiopia’s Simien National Park. At this point, we meet the local trek guide and the scouts. Our 4×4 will become handy to take us to Sankaber, our first camp, but there is an option of trekking the final stretch. We cover the seven {7} kilometres in about 2½ hours. The Sankaber camp rests at an altitude of 3,200m.

Once you reach over 3,000 metres above sea level. You will be stunned by the views of the jagged landscape.  Dine by a campfire as you exchange stories with the crew and other trekkers.

Day 2: Mt. Simien: Sankaber to Geech

After breakfast, we start a full-day hike along the trail on the ridge. The spectacular view of Genbar Falls dropping a sheer 500m across the ridge. The flora and fauna are worth seeing. Regular sightings on this trail are of Gelada Baboons, Klipspringer, and Ibex. After covering 15 km, we reach our camp at Geech after 7-8 hours. The camp is known to have the best sunset views.

Day 3: Mt. Simien: Geech to Inayte to Chennek   

After breakfast, start our trek to the incredible Imet Gogo, standing at 4,000 m from Inayte to Chennek. The trail follows the edge of the ridge, presenting mesmerising panoramic views of the entire Simien range. A great forest of Giant Hazel and open grasslands as we approach Inayte for yet another great view. Descend to Chennek camp for dinner and overnight. The 15km will make our trail and cover it in 7-8 hours.

Day 4: Mt. Simien: Chennek to Mt Buahit

After breakfast, follow the footpaths off the road alongside a stream that draws its water from the mountain. Our target is Buahit Peak at 4,430m above sea level, which is the 3rd highest peak in Ethiopia. The route is quite steep, but there are occasional breaks and rests to admire the scenery. After 5–6 hours, you finish the 4-day Mt. Simien hike in Ethiopia’s Simien National Park. We will pick you up to your next destination.

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