Cross-border Safaris.


“Safari” is a Swahili word meaning travel, expedition, voyage, journey or tour. It comprises travelling overland to observe and photograph wildlife in their natural habitat, sight-seeing, exploration, or even hiking.

A cross-border safari is like no other. Abundant in spectacular radiant attractions in every destination in Eastern Africa has something unique to offer.
From the rooftop of Africa – Tanzania’s snow-capped Kilimanjaro, down to rolling savannah plains rich in wildlife, Kenya’s wildlife theatre in Maasai Mara to the glaciated Mt. Kenya along the equator, to Uganda for water-sports and primates, Rwanda’s gorilla filled rainforests, Ethiopia’s rock-hewn churches, the Danakil depression, the Bale and Siemens and the cultural diversity. We offer you an exciting journey in the wilderness.

Taking you into the heart of Eastern Africa, cross-border tours are for maximum bush and beach experiences with a touch of adventure to fulfil your ultimate travel desires! On your trip to East Africa, discover an incredible array of wildlife, ancient history, locals, culture and the magnificent beauty of this uncovered area.

We customize each and every safari to your personal requirements and expectations, ensuring an exclusive, unique and authentic experience every time.

Cross-Border Mountain Trekking

Our cross border mountain climbing itineraries provide for a thrilling adventure. We enable you to conquer Africa’s highest peaks while capturing incredible scenery and spot wildlife.

Cross-Border Cultural Safaris

East Africa offers a wide range of cultural attractions and experiences. Our cultural tours take you back in time allowing you to encounter a wealth of traditional heritage and history.

Cross-Border Wildlife Safaris

Experience the best of African wildlife in our personalized cross border tours. Sample abundant wildlife in East Africa’s not only in world-famous parks but also little known destinations with great attractions.

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