In Mara Expeditions, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously. CSR is an integrated part of all our activities related to our employees, customers, suppliers and the society in general. We want to be recognised as a socially and environmentally sound company in our industry. We ensure that our business activities are always in line with all ecological concerns. We are aware that tourism, as one of the world’s largest service industries, is a significant contributor to climate change. We want to face up to our responsibilities and no longer pass them onto our customers.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility main actions are:

  • Support and respect the protection of human rights. Ensure they are not complicit with any abuses in their operations and seek to eliminate all forms of forced labour.
  • Promote equality and elimination of discrimination in regards to employment.
  • Take responsibility for all environmental impacts of the business.
  • Adhere to ethical business practices, including anti-corruption measures, whistle-blower mechanisms and responsible marketing.
  • Contribute to Sustainable Development, including health and the general welfare of society.
  • Extend this responsibility to their supply chain, and ensure these principles are upheld by their suppliers, partners, distributors and other third parties.

Our focus is among human rights, labour practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, community involvement and development.

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