Mt. Kenya ½ Marathon

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The mountain full and half Marathons were first held in 1968 and continue to date. We are introducing the first-ever mountain half marathon in Kenya. This will be held in Mt. Kenya, Chogoria forest gate 2,600m asl to Banda’s lodge at 2,950m asl. The trail will cover the muramed forest road gaining an elevation of up to 400m. This is a fantastic way to appreciate nature’s wild surroundings whilst keeping fit and fans entertained. The focus of the race is to experience the burn of high elevation, the soothing fresh aura and the striking colours of the mountain environment. This is dubbed “WILD, WILD DREAMS.”


Improving livelihood through sports in the community.


To develop youth talent in sporting and academies

To liaise with local and international athletic bodies to establish a mountain running hub.


1. Provision of mountain firefighting equipment.

2. Impact on communities through – Interaction with the communities

3. A tool for cohesion

4. A platform for community mobilization

5. Drive conservation agenda to the locals

6. Drums up for sustainable use of natural resources.

7. Saving the forests by introducing and encouraging communities to use biogas against firewood and charcoal

8. Drum up for use of Biogas in every home

9. Increasing the awareness of sports tourism activities.

10. Providing increased opportunities for employment in the region through various initiatives in sports.

11. Help to identify and develop sports talent for the competitive sporting discipline of running.

12. Creating interest in sports and discover talents in the locality

13. Engage the youths against irresponsible habit and behaviour

14. Creating sports tourism in the area, and eventually establishing a “world-class” high-altitude-running academy.

15. Boost the economy in the locality.

16. Sensitization for saving the endangered Mountain Bongo.

Runners route.

The Mt. Kenya ½ Marathon will feature seasoned runners and amateurs participating in the Altitude run of 21km to culminate at the Mt. Kenya Bandas Lodge, 2900m above sea level.

There will also be a corporate team category. Each team is allowed a max of 10 participants (running) however an organization can register several teams for the challenge/s.

Teams will undergo pre-training in accordance with the terms of Mountain running to prepare them for the event.

The starting point – Chogoria Forest Gate


Finishing point – Mt. Kenya Bandas


We will have the opportunity of working with:


To build a strong community partnership, the Mt. Kenya ½ Marathon, Mara Expeditions is working with other professional organizations Athletics Kenya AK to develop young talent in athletics. Additionally, Mt Kenya ½ Marathon will be offering short-term assignments on event days to local young people and promote business in the surrounding areas.


The Mt. Kenya ½ Marathon will be the first high altitude adventure run of its kind in Kenya and the region as a whole and will ultimately become a world-class event.

With the collaboration of Mara Expeditions and the calibre of athletic gurus at their disposal, Mt. Kenya ½ Marathon will become one of the major events of the Kenya Sports Calendar year.

Gateway to your wild, wild dreams!!! 

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