Mt Kenya Climb Buguret – Chogoria Traverse.

Mt Kenya, Buguret-Chogoria Traverse is a wilderness route in Mt Kenya, pioneered by P.O.W Prisoners Of War {Italians} based in Nanyuki,

Burguret route

The route goes through the Gathiuru Forest Station to an indistinct road head at the end of the plantation area – 2,500m. Burguret route provides a unique and completely natural mountain trekking experience. Accent to point Lenana then descend on the Chogoria route provides the most spectacular views and completes a traverse of Mount Kenya.

The trail continues to Giant Bamboo camp 2,600m. The trail cuts through tropical rainforests till it gets to the more open Hagenia –Hypericum Zone 2860m and eventually to the Heath Zone from where you can now clearly see the peaks. Further to the Elephant Castle, there is a good campsite ‘kampi ya farasi’ on which we pitch up our tents for the night.

From ‘kampi ya farasi’, the trail swings left and climbs steeply out of the valley. The ridge bears right again, and a walk over rocky ground brings you round the hill. The trail then swings to the left via the Hausberg Col and Oblong Tarn to Mackinder’s valley and descends down to Shipton’s Camp (4,200m). After summiting point Lenana, the gentle descent on the Chogoria route offers the most picturesque scenes; the temple overlooking Lake Michaelson, hills for bird watching, waterfalls and valleys. True to its wild nature, there are no huts only campsites as close to nature as possible. This heightens the luxurious experience of refreshments, a hot shower, and a log fire on the last night at the Meru Mt. Kenya Bandas.

The route was popularized by Felice Benuzzi after writing his book ‘No Picnic on Mount Kenya’ and the film was shot on the same. In which he describes how he and other prisoners of war escaped to summit Mount Kenya without enough provisions or a map. Full of wildlife and lacks a definitive path at the base but the overgrown grasslands and thick forest. Burguret route is perfect for loners, daring & adventurous hikers

Buguret – Chogoria

Day 1: From Nairobi 1,650m – Nanyuki 1,950m.

Transfer from Nairobi to the base hotel on the slopes of Mt Kenya. At an altitude (1950m) your acclimatization starts here. Short acclimatization trek then relax and prepare for tomorrows trek. Visit the Maumau Caves the equator by car are options for this afternoon as well.

Day 2: Nanyuki (1900m) – Giant Bamboo camp 2,600m.

Short drive to Gathiuru forest station and you will trek from just above Gathiuru Forest Station to our first camp at about 2,600 meters. It is a long but thrilling walk through dense forest and towering bamboo to Giant Bamboo camp. In the forest, there are many species of brightly coloured birds such as the Hartlaub’s Turaco and the malachite sunbird and different species of monkeys.

Day 3: Giant Bamboo Camp 2,600m – Highland Castle 3,700m.

The luxuriant bamboo gives way to enormous Podocarpus and Pencil cedars forest and as we climb higher we pass through the Hagenia zone also known as the rosewood zone (generally found at 2850-3000m). We spend the night close to the sheer lava cliffs of the “Highland Castle” at 3,700m.  

Day 4: Highland Castle 3700m – Shipton’s Camp 4200m.

Trek to the base of the high pinnacle then takes a summit-circuit trail in the clockwise direction, with amazing views of the jagged volcanic peaks and glaciers. Turquoise tarns nestle in the valleys, eagles and buzzards soar overhead – it’s difficult to believe we’re on the equator! We meet other trekkers for the first time at the camp. We descend a moraine ridge and traverse Kami Tarn to reach Shipton’s camp. Dine and overnight.

Day 5: Shipton’s Camp – Point Lenana – Lake Ellis 3,500m

After a light pre-breakfast at 02:00hrs ascend to our main trekker`s Point Lenana for sunrise at 06:30hrs. A short celebration and photo session marking the climax of the hike. Descend to Halls tarn {Mintos Hut} having a glimpse at the Temple. Hot brunch will be served at this camp. Proceed to the trail enjoying panoramic views to Lake Ellis campsite. The final stretch of the day to the Bandas where a hot shower awaits you. Dine and overnight at the camp.

Day 6: Lake Ellis – Mount Kenya Meru Bandas 2,950m.

After late breakfast, you have the chance to attempt Mugi hill with a view of Ketch tarn, spectacular panoramic scenery of Ithangune and the Giant Billiards Table. On the descent route, we deviate to roadhead to visit the Nithi falls. We hike the last 7km to Meru Mt Kenya Bandas lodge for a deserving hot shower. A hot meal will lead to soothing night sleep.  

Day 7: Meru Mount Kenya Bandas (2950m) to Nairobi.

Soon after breakfast, we board our vehicle to Chogoria town to mark the end of our trip. We toss a cup of coffee/ soda to celebrate the successful accomplishment of our excursion before proceeding back to your prospective residence. The approximate time of arrival in Nairobi will be 4:00 pm.

Options are of course many and varied and in many cases, we can be flexible about the itinerary for accommodation facilities and the extension of the safari destinations.

What to bring:

Sleeping bag; one rated four (4) season is fine. The bag should be a snug fit since if it is too large there will be more cool air for the body to warm

  • Rain Trouser
  • Rain Jacket [Poncho]
  • Balaclava [Hat Woollen]
  • Warm Clothes down jacket
  • Thermal underwear
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Hiking Boots
  • Gloves
  • Walking Sticks
  • Head Torch
  • Sunglasses
  • First Aid box
  • Ruck Suck 65L (duffel bags are unacceptable) to be carried by porters
  • Day Pack 35 [For your personal effects]
  1. Optional comfort accessories;

Walking poles, hot water bottle, Bivy bag

Wet wipes; ideal for those who want to stay fresh but are unable to bear dips in the freezing mountain weather

4: Passport/Identification Card {ID}

5: Personal travel/ medical insurance

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