9-Days Turkana Camping Road Trip.

Lake Turkana west trip – A real African camping adventure, Lokichar oil fields, Lodwar, Eliye Springs beaches, Kalokol fish market, Central Island national park, Naromtung’a standing stones, Nariokotome – Turkana boy site and monument, Jade sea, South Turkana national reserve.

Are you being bogged down or caged to some routine safari circuits? Are you feeling the great and overwhelming yearning for a new adventure circuit? You just need to break away from routine and fly off like a free bird, expand your horizons. The itching and nagging feeling to stop everything you are doing, get up and go as far away as possible, travel somewhere, someplace that you have never been before – probably to one of the largest permanent desert lakes with the warm white sand beach. The horizon is the limit. We refrain from the repeated falsehoods and stereotyping of Turkana.

Day 1:   Nairobi – Kitale (380km, 9hrs)

7:00 am we meet in Nairobi CBD and embark on our drive in a 4X4 truck heading to the Great Rift Valley via Naivasha, Nakuru and Eldoret. Own hot lunch/snacks will be bought along the way. Pass Eldoret to Kitale town for dinner and overnight.  Dinner and overnight in tents at Sirwo resort.                                   

{Meals plan = Dinner}

Day 2: Kitale – Lokichar (250km, 7hrs)

Breakfast will be served before driving through large maize plantations. The road is relatively moderate. However, a steep downhill just after Makutano/ Kapenguria junction to the ridge before starting another steep downhill. The Kamatira is 6.5km long. The scenery of rolling Cherangany hills, cliffs and Turkwell gorge is awesome. At some points, we shall cross the rivers and their tributaries that feed the lake. As we approach Marich Pass, at Ortum you see rich agricultural fields covered by horticulture. This is worth mentioning, Marich pass means narrow bridge in the Pokot dialect.

There is a steep valley bordered by two high cliffs on both sides of the Turkwel river at this section. It is the only section of the road that sends shivers and chills. We drive to enter Turkana plains with Kainuk as the first trading centre. As we approach Lokichar, the condition of the road deteriorates but construction is ongoing. This is where oil exploration has been ongoing. Dine and overnight in tents.

{Meals plan =Breakfast, Picnic lunch, Dinner}

Day 3: Lokichar – Eliye (170km, 5hrs)

After breakfast, we traverse the plains to Lodwar town, which is marked by crossing the massive Turkwel river which looks like a sea. Also, the smooth tarmacked road is in sight. We proceed another 85km to Eliye springs. The evening can be spent swimming, strolling along the beach or reading a book. Dine and overnight in camp.

{Meals plan =Breakfast, Picnic lunch, Dinner}

Day 4: Eliye Springs – Choroo campsite {Central Island}

After breakfast, we embark on cruise motorboats to Central Island about 25km in one and half hours (1½hr). This is done soon after the tides calm down. We visit Flamingo Lake and Crocodile Lake. We sample the unique volcanic landscape, huge colonies of nesting egrets, storks and cormorants as well as a crater lake that is home to tens of thousands of flamingos and other water birds. Dinner and overnight at the Choroo camp.

{Meals plan =Breakfast, Picnic lunch, Dinner}

Day 5:  Central Island {Choroo campsite} – Kalokol.

After breakfast, we follow the hiking trail circuit exploring the park. We are expected back in the camp before the sun gets extremely hot. Walking trails lead you around the island and to the highest elevation from where you enjoy stunning views over two of the crater lakes and majestic Lake Turkana. After the excursion, we board the speed boat to Kalokol, a Fisher’s beach. Dinner and overnight at Fimbo’s campsite. Live traditional Turkana dance performed at the camp.

{Meals plan =Breakfast, Picnic lunch, Dinner}

Day 6 Kalokol – Nariokotome – Lodwar (240km, 8hours).

After early breakfast, we drive past Kataboi, Lomekwi to Nariokotome. This is where the almost complete human skeleton, with 108 bones was excavated. It is believed to be 1.5 to 1.6 years old.  We will drive to Lodwar for dinner and overnight in a campsite.

{Meals plan =Breakfast, Picnic lunch, Dinner}

Day 7: Lodwar – South Turkana National Reserve (190km, 5hours).

After breakfast, we drive through the windy hot and dry arid area of Lokichar to Turkana south national reserve. We set our camp and embark on an evening game drive. We have a second chance or angle to sample the scenery. The views en route are splendid. Dinner and overnight in camp.

{Meals plan =Breakfast, Picnic lunch, Dinner}

Day 8: South Turkana National Reserve – Kitale (200km, 6hrs).

Soon after breakfast, we exit the park having an en-route game drive. We drive climbing over the Kamatira escarpment to Kapenguria, Chepararia and Kitale. We have a second chance or angle to sample the scenery. Our camp will be at Sirwo resort along Kitale-Cherangani road.

{Meals plan =Breakfast, Picnic lunch, Dinner}

Day 9: Kitale – Iten – Nairobi (420km, 9hrs).

Soon after breakfast, we start our journey back to Nairobi. We drive through Iten, Tambach, Kabarnet and Marigat. This will give us a chance to view the rift valley as the road spectacularly meanders down Kerio Valley recording the steps. Own hot lunch will be taken along the route.  Arrive in Nairobi in the late evening.

{Meals plan =Breakfast}

Options are of course many and varied and in many cases, we can be flexible about the itinerary for accommodation facilities and the extension of the safari destinations.

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